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By FENG Zikai

By FENG Zikai

Feng Zikai, Chinese essayist, painter, writer, artist and music educator. He studied under Master Hongyi Li Shutong and is famous for his comics and prose creations that combine Chinese and Western painting techniques. He is a pioneer of Chinese comics art. His comics have simple shapes, simple style, and full of childishness, making him unique among many painters. This LoRA is intended to imitate his iconic ink comic style, hoping to bring happiness to friends who like Feng Zikai’s works.

Based on SDXL 1.0 checkpoint. When using, please add trigger words: by Feng Zikai, with a recommended weight of 0.8~1.0.

Prompt sample:

Batman at night, by Feng Zikai <lora:fengzikai_v1.0_XL:0.8>
By FENG Zikai By FENG Zikai By FENG Zikai By FENG Zikai