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Food Detective

Food Detective

Due to long-term dietary management, I have always been in search of a simple method to calculate the total caloric content of food. Prior to the emergence of ChatGPT, there were no effective tools in this field. However, the advent of ChatGPT, especially the multimodal visual capabilities of GPT-4, has provided a breakthrough ability.

In this application, users upload a photo of food, and ChatGPT assists in analyzing the main components of the food, as well as calculating its caloric and nutritional content based on these components. Additionally, if needed, this application can also provide further health guidance, such as determining whether the food is suitable for consumption by individuals with certain chronic diseases.

From the results, it is evident that ChatGPT's image recognition capability for food components is extremely powerful, capable of identifying not just common Western dishes but also a variety of Chinese dishes. Sometimes, its accuracy even surpasses my own. Leveraging this recognition capability and the knowledge in its database regarding food nutrition, the caloric and nutritional calculation and analysis it provides are quite reliable and informative.

Food Detective Food Detective Food Detective Food Detective