Charles' AI Projects

A simple list of my learning and work in the field of AI.

GPTs of ChatGPT

Chinese Legal Counsel Analysis

Chinese Legal Counsel

Answer your legal questions based on China’s current laws and regulations

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Weixiaoli Insights Analysis

Weixiaoli Insights

Analyzes the Financial and Business Data of NIO, Xpeng, and Li Auto, Three Chinese Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

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Quote Finder Writing

Quote Finder

Search for quotes that exactly match your thoughts, and create them into images that are easy to share on social media.

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Nature Explorer Education

Nature Explorer

Identify Animals and Plants from Photos and Learn About Them with Easy-to-Understand Encyclopedia Entries

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Pet Pal Lifestyle

Pet Pal

Professional Assistance in Pet Care, Medical Treatment, and Behavioral Training

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Museum & Gallery Guide Education

Museum & Gallery Guide

Providing Personalized Guided Tours When You Visit Museums and Art Galleries

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Stable Diffusion's LoRA Models

LeLo - LEGO LoRA for XL & SD1.5 Style | XL


LeLo stands for LEGO LoRA. It provides a simulation of the LEGO design style.

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By FENG Zikai Style | XL

By FENG Zikai

This LoRA is intended to imitate Feng Zikai's iconic ink comic style.

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Contemporary Chinese Style | XL

Contemporary Chinese

Try to optimize the lack of Chinese images in the basic model.

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Drone Photography Style | XL

Drone Photography

This LoRA model is used to simulate drone aerial photos.

Details Open in Civitai
Stereoscopic Portrait Concept

Stereoscopic Portrait

This is an experimental project designed to produce Stereoscopic Portraits.

Details Open in Civitai

Large Language Models


Beijing Dialect Dialogue Model

14B | 7B | GGUF

Fine-tuned based on the Qwen1.5 large model to provide a colloquial Beijing dialect dialogue experience.

Details Open in HuggingFace

Qwen2 Cantonese Fine-Tuned Edition


A Cantonese language model based on Qwen2-7B-Instruct, fine-tuned using LoRA.

Details Open in HuggingFace

Llama3 Cantonese Fine-Tuned Edition


A Cantonese language model based on Llama-3-8B-Instruct, fine-tuned using LoRA.

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